A company manufacturing beverages, food, and seasonings, bringing vegetables to the world from Japan.

KAGOME's history dates back to 1899, beginning with the cultivation of tomatoes.
We have expanded our scope from tomatoes to various vegetables, and now manufacture innovative products to allow customers to get more benefit from their vegetables.

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Brand Statement

"True to nature, the flavor of Kagome"

This is our promise to customers.
Providing products that maximize the benefits of nature’s gifts,
Kagome is working consistently to contribute to the wellbeing and longevity of people around the world.

KAGOME Quality

As a Japanese company, KAGOME prides itself on delivering products with a thorough focus on safety and security.

professional engineer

Using tomato juice as an example, a professional engineer conducts chemical inspections of the tomatoes, using a checklist with over 200 items. Only the tomatoes that have cleared 110 strictly enforced conditions will be used as ingredients of the tomato juice which is delivered to our customers.

wash tomatoes

Ensuring safety and security is a critical aspect of handling food. We conduct a variety of analyses and inspections in the process of cultivating and delivering the products. We are always aiming to improve product quality, both in Japan and overseas.

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